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About CNKI

CNKI is the world's leading electronic publishing platform, commited to provide worldwide uesrs and professional institutions the knowledge informatiom and service.

CNKI registered users across the world have reached over 40 million. The amount of download articles has reached over 3 billion per year.

With high-quality resources, leading technology and professional services, CNKI enjoys a high reputation in the industry. In 2007, the core resource of CNKI, namely, 《China Academic Journals Full-text Database》 won the First China Government Publication Award. Meanwhile, 《China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database》 and 《China Yearbooks Full-text Database》won the nomination award. Those are the highest honor in the publication field.

By working with journal publishers, and other content providers in the publishing industry, CNKI has developed into a set of journals, doctoral dissertations, masters’ theses, conference proceedings, newspapers, references works, yearbooks, patents, standards, and other premium content as a whole, and specific international advanced level of web publishing platform. Any organization can create their own personalized digital library in CNKI.

China Academic Journals Full-text Database

Collecting over 9000 titles of journals published in China, including academic journals, science journals, cultural journals, literary works, basic education journals, higher education journals, economic information, gazette and bulletin and so on, 90% of academic journals dating back to its whole contents. The content is updated everyday.

Dissertations and Proceedings Database

Publishing 80 thousand doctoral dissertations, 400 thousand masters’ theses and 600 thousand titles of conference papers since the year of 2000. These articles are gray documents and hard to obtain, while CNKI provide the access to them. The content is renewed with each passing day.

Reference Works Database

Publishing over 3000 volumes of reference works and 10 million entry words as an integrated database, including dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauruses, cyclopedias, illustrated books, Table spectrum, biography, quotations, brochures and so on.

These conference works composed by different fields experts and published by specialized publishers. We have the world’s only highly integrated term searching system.

Yearbooks Database

Collecting 2000 yearbooks published since 1912 as an integrated database, including national and provincial-level yearbooks, industry yearbooks, and enterprise yearbooks.

The contents are daily updated.

Core Newspapers Database

Collecting 500 titles of central and local newspapers published in China since 2000. The contents are daily updated.

Patents Database

Collecting all the patents published since September, 1985. Including invention patents, utility model patents, and outline design patents, accurately refleting China invention and patent situation. The contents are biweekly updated.

Professional Knowledge Database

For the demands of various industries, CNKI sort out the mass of knowledge information and provide new knowledge products, including China Hospital Knowledge Database, China Elementary Education Database, China Higher Education Knowledge Database, China Urban Planning Knowledge Database, China Architechural Knowledge Database, China Agricultural Knowledge Database, China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database, and so on. The contents are daily updated.

Subject Digital Libraries

CNKI divide the massive resources into 168 subject digital libraries and 3000 Sub-disciplines digital libraries according to China Library Classification(CLC). You can enter a professional field of digital libraries according to your field of study and overview the whole content of the subjects, as well as the relevant areas of the discipline. Each digital library can show you the important research results and the development of the specific subject and its interdisciplinary, digital library can also help you to master the history and newest progress of important project, experts and research institutions.

Other Resources

Sinology collections, domestic standards, foreign standards, scientific and technological achievements, foreign journals, conference papers in foreign languages, foreign dissertations and books are also the splendid contents of CNKI.

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