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Call for Publishing Cooperation & Contribution

Invitation for Publishing Cooperation

The popularity of internet have brought the revolution in publishing industry. If we still stick to the traditional subscription model, we lose our way in the new publishing industry.

The publishing revolution caused by new media is a basic change in the field, not just a change in transmission form. It involves the reorganization, integration, value-added and further development of the content, and the formation are new products and new business models. Based on the concept above, we take the CNKI as our internet publishing platform on which we have done much practice and exploration for a long time, and won a wild ranges of support and recognition from publishing industry. We look forward to cooperating with all the craft brothers of publishing industry in the face of new opportunity. Let’s work together to usher in the common progress in this unprecedented change.

Welcome all kinds of cooperation.

Contributions are welcome

The spread and succession of knowledge depend on publication, but it was constrained by such traditional publishing model as book code and print quantities, especially those valuable literatures with high profession but few circulations are hard to be published due to the cost, however, internet publishing can overcome those difficulties.

CNKI is the most valuable knowledge dissemination internet platform in China, we expect the copyright owners to contribute to us directly. The followings are notices:

·Contributors shall be the copyright owners or the representative person of copyright.

·As for those books already published, the contributors should clarify if the internet information dissemination right has been authorized to the publishing department.

The scope of cooperation

The first phase of the project: China Reference Works Online Database

CRWO is the E-publishing platform for Chinese reference works; we plan to cooperate with publishers and copyright owners to accomplish the digitalization of 4000 published reference works and those unpublished but of high value. The type includes language dictionary, specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, illustrated books, chronicle, and other books with reference features.

The second phase of the project: China Books Full-Text Database

Based on CRWO, CBFD will extend to academic monographs, text book, supplementary materials, classical literature and engineering books, etc.

Cooperation Tel:010-62793174,62791815,62793175(FAX)

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