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About CRWO

CRWO is an authoritative, comprehensive and continuously updated encyclopedia database. It collects 3000 reference works from over 200 China leading publishers, including dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauruses, cyclopedias, illustrated books, table spectrum, biography, quotations, handbooks ,and so on, covering over 15 million entries and 700 thousand images. The content covers such subjects as philosophy, art, social science, culture, education, natural science, engineering, medicine, which are all written by expert.

CRWO is charged by Tsinghua University and published by China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House. It is the Key Network Publishing Project of National 11th Five-year Plan, as well as an important product of China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database.

From it’s beginning in March, 2006, and up to July, 2009, CRWO has grown substantially, users spread over worldwide. The daily search volume is up to 0.7 million. CRWO is becoming an important tool in service of searching and researching Chinese culture and knowledge information.

CRWO is a digitalized integration from traditional reference works, including 10 series and 168 subjects. CRWO provides a powerful full-text searching system, allowing users to obtain all the relevant knowledge information in different books on one platform, thus it is a significant breakthrough in the limit of the traditional searching.

CRWO also links related journal articles, doctor and master dissertations, proceedings of conferences, newspapers, yearbooks, patents, and so on, consequently it helps people extend their sight and have a better understanding of new knowledge.

Key Features and Functions

○ Collecting competitive reference works from over 200 famous publishers, the publisher and collection amount are increasing with each passing day.

○ 100% of the contents have obtained license, 80% of which obtained exclusive license.

○ Multiple search fields: including entry, entry title, book title, publisher, and author.

○ Mathing methods: fuzzy, precise and wildcard.

○ Sorting methods for search result: sorting by character amount, relevance, total downloads, and publication time.

○ Cross-range search: one-stop search across books or subjects.

○ Selection of search result: you can select what you want from the total results by subject or reference book type when there are too many results.

○ Powerful link function: You can link to relevant documents of CJFD, CPFD, CMFD, CDFD, CCND, and CPCD from CRWO.

○ Browsing book titles: You can find and collect your favorite books through book navigation and each book has an unique URL.

○ Update frequency: monthly.

Published by China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House
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